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Students have multiple opportunities for linguistic and cultural immersion in Querétaro, Mexico, a top study abroad destination since 1986. Students may choose a Summer Session, with 5, 6 or 11-week program options or a 14-week fall semester Mexican Studies Program. As neighboring North American countries Mexico and the United States share a long history and an ever evolving relationship. Mexico, one of the US’s largest trading partners, is a fascinating country undergoing significant changes in the 21st century.

Querétaro | Mexico

Students select from multiple opportunities to study in Querétaro, Mexico, a top study abroad destination since 1986. Students may choose one of the three different Summer Session options of 5, 6 or 11-weeks in length or a fall 14-week semester Mexican Studies Program. Characterized by an unusual blend of indigenous cultures, a history of colonial conquest and domination and a modern contemporary society, Mexico is compelling, and often surprising. Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its safety, central location and economic stability is an ideal city to experience Mexico and get to know its people.


  • Located in the heart of colonial Mexico, off the tourist path, the Querétaro program is designed for rapid language advancement integrated with significant cultural immersion.
  • Students may earn up to 25 credits (fall semester), and in summer sessions up to 12 credits in a 5 or 6- week session and up to 24 credits in the 11-week session. Classes are small and taught in Spanish by experienced Mexican faculty at the Universidad Autonóma de Querétaro (UAQ), a public university.
  • Individual placement with a carefully selected home-stay family
  • Whether on a class excursion to historical sites, traditional markets or local landmarks, or on a program field trip to a different region, students have multiple opportunities to learn through direct engagement with Mexican people, history and culture.

Fall: April 15
Summer: March 20

- GPA of 2.70 or above
- Minimum of 'B' average in Spanish courses
- Mandatory orientation meetings during the term prior to departure

The overall goal of each program is cultural and linguistic immersion. Classes are small and taught in Spanish by experienced Mexican professors. The curriculum for all classes integrates cultural and historical content. Teachers often take students off campus to visit historically, culturally and/or architecturally significant sites. Qualified Oregon faculty typically serve as program Resident Directors in summer sessions. The 14-week fall Mexican Studies program provides an expanded course roster for in depth and focused study. The Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), the state’s largest public university, hosts the academic programs. Please refer to the course descriptions for each program posted here.

For a full listing of courses and course descriptions, please see the following documents:

The programs are open to students from all fields of study. To be eligible, students must meet the following minimum requirements before departure:

  • An overall GPA of 2.70 or above.
  • At least a 'B' average in their Spanish courses.
  • Attend mandatory orientation meetings during the term prior to departure.

Minimum language requirement for the semester or summer programs:

  • At least one year college-level Spanish language or the equivalent.

(All Querétaro programs offer 200, 300 and 400 level coursework.)

Students must continue to make satisfactory academic progress throughout the application process and during their study abroad program, and otherwise comply with policies and procedures of the host university, IE3 Global, and their home university International Programs Office.

Each participant is placed individually with a family that has been carefully selected and prepared for the program. Students are provided with a private room and a key to the house. Participants eat their meals with the family, except when away on official field trips and optional excursions.

The on-site program coordination is managed by the Coordinator for Incoming International Students at the Facultad de Lenguas y Letras of the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ). The on-site coordinator oversees and is responsible for home-stay placements, coordination of field trip transportation and lodging, academic schedules and some extracurricular activities. In summer sessions the program Resident Directors (from Oregon institutions) work closely with the on-site coordinator and staff at the UAQ to oversee all aspects of the program and to assist students and achieve program goals.

The program fee includes all instruction, most course materials, Mexican university fees and services, full room and board with a Mexican family, accident and illness insurance policy, lodging and transportation on official program field trips, pre-departure orientation and orientation materials, administrative fees, on site staffing and support and some extracurricular activities.

The program fee does not include: transportation to and from Querétaro, Mexico, specific fees charged in Oregon on your home campus or personal expenses such as local transportation, entertainment /optional excursions, personal supplies or spending money.

For detailed information regarding the program budget (both the program fee and an estimate of personal expenses), please click on the following:

For further information please contact:


Fall | Summer

Application Deadline

Fall: April 15
Summer: March 20

Basic Requirements

- GPA of 2.70 or above
- Minimum of 'B' average in Spanish courses
- Mandatory orientation meetings during the term prior to departure