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University Student Services in Ireland | Cork, Ireland

Our partner in Ireland is a university office that serves more than 2,400 international students, helping them to integrate into the academic culture at the university. The office provides information on application processes, university matters, accommodation, and many other topics before students arrive. After arrival, the office actively supports them through advising and social events during their stay. Interns accepted for a placement will fully integrate into the day-to-day life of the office and join in assisting international students.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Flexible start dates at the beginning of any academic term.

Duration of Internship:

  • 10-12 weeks.

The university is one of the four universities that make up the National University of Ireland. Founded in 1845, it educates undergraduates and graduate students in a broad range of academic disciplines. Well known worldwide for its excellence as a teaching and research institution, it attracts students from around the world.

Interns will gain broad experience in working with international students, including arrival programming, adjusting to University, and leading excursions. They will gain first-hand experience of working with academic and administrative departments within a university setting. Interns can be involved in projects relating to incoming students, student life, publicity and marketing of IEO services, and working with UCC international alumni. This internship allows students the chance to develop and hone communication and organizational skills in an international context. Some example tasks include:

  • Planning Orientation for Visiting Students and “Welcome Week” for international students
  • Preparing letters of acceptance and packages of information to newly accepted students
  • Updating of student records for visiting international students
  • Contact with Academic Departments and the Development/Alumni Office
  • Assisting with the Irish Studies Summer School

Academic Background:

  • All majors may apply. Interns with a background and experience working in a university setting and/or with international students is helpful.


  • Interns are expected to demonstrate responsibility, professional motivation, flexibility, and effective communication skills.

Language Requirements:

  • English is the language of communication. Interns must be capable of written and spoken communication at a near-native level in professional settings. Proficiency in additional languages is helpful, but not required.

Visa Requirements:

  • No visa is required for internships under 90 days. For multiple term placements, interns must be eligible for an Irish Working Holiday authorisation.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Global Program Fee: $3,450
  • International Travel: $1,000
  • Working Holiday Authorization: $295
  • Irish Residence Permit (only for 90+ day placements): $325

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing: $750 - $1,100
  • Food: $500
  • Local Transportation: $90
  • Utilities, Phone, Internet: $185

*Fee amounts are calculated with an exchange rate from European Euro at the time of posting.

Independent Housing

Interns arrange their own housing.

Blog Posts:

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Application Deadline

Summer: January 25

Fall: April 15

Winter: September 1

Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

-Some experience of working in a university office environment; excellent IT skills
-Experience of working in a university office that deals with study abroad and international students preferred