From the bustling metropolis of Tokyo in the East, to the mountainous and picturesque region of Akita in the North, IE3 Global offers three distinct programs for students to explore Japan.

Program Options in Japan:

Waseda Language Intensive Program

Students on this summer program enroll in six weeks of intensive Japanese coursework at Waseda University’s Center for Japanese Language. The courses are immersive and comprehensively cover speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Successful completion of the program grants a certificate from Waseda University.

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Aoyama Gakuin University

The IE3 Global exchange program at Aoyama Gakuin University provides students with exceptional opportunities to integrate into life at a Japanese University.  In addition to intensive Japanese language programs, AGU offers a comprehensive range of topical coursework taught in English and in Japanese.

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Akita International University

Set in the wooded mountains of northern Honshu, away from the dense crowds of larger Japanese cities, Akita Prefecture resembles the Pacific Northwest in many ways. IE3 Global’s partner, Akita International University (AIU), is ranked as one of the top five public universities in Japan. The curriculum at AIU offers an accessible and exceptional introduction to Japan.

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Waseda University

Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan offers exchange students the opportunity to take courses taught in English side-by-side with Japanese students in the School for International Liberal Studies (SILS). SILS offers coursework in Asian studies, economics, business, political science, history, linguistics, and other disciplines; participants also enroll in intensive Japanese language classes.

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