blueEnergy | Nicaragua

More photos from this internship can be found here.

More photos from this internship can be found here.

blueEnergy creates energy, water, sanitation and climate change solutions in some of the world’s most isolated, marginalized communities, providing a foundation for health, education, and economic opportunity. Our community-based work provides an immersive, enriching learning platform for future global leaders interested in energy, water, climate change, and international development.

blueEnergy’s Global Leadership Program gives participants the opportunity to explore our award-winning community development model, apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations, grow personally and professionally, and create local impact. Participants work alongside a diverse team of other participants, local staff, fellows, and Nicaraguan community beneficiaries.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Summer term: June 18 – August 13, 2017

Duration of Internship:

  • 8 weeks, 45 hours per week

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