Asral NGO | Gachurrt, near Ulaanbatar, Mongolia

Interns work in the Gachuurt Vegetable Growing Project, performing hands-on gardening tasks to help local people grow the vegetables which will sustain them, and which they can sell to supplement their incomes. Interns should have practical knowledge of vegetable gardening/crop production, and be willing to spend their time digging in the dirt, and performing other tasks to make the garden grow! Those with a significant background in horticulture may also be asked to demonstrate growing techniques to the families who are involved in the project.

While interns are not required to speak Mongolian, their communication skills will be improved as they will learn to work with and teach in a non-English speaking community. Interns will experience the challenges that arise when growing vegetables in a Mongolian climate and in doing so have the opportunity to use the information they have studied in a practical way. Housing, food, and transport to the Gachuurt site will be provided by Jampa Ling at their center in Ulaanbatar for a fee.

For students without significant experience in rural Asia, we require that they begin their internship at Jampa Ling before continuing on to Asral. This would afford students the opportunity to learn more about Jampa Ling’s missionm, learn on-site about the garden work of Jampa Ling in Ireland, and then transfer those skills to Asral in Mongolia. 

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