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Who is eligible to study on an IE3 program? Any student registered at an IE3...

Study Abroad FAQs

Who is eligible to study on an IE3 program?
Any student registered at an IE3 partner university may apply. Additionally, each program may have specific prerequisites that applicants must meet.

Do I have to speak a foreign language?
While there are programs that require a certain level of language proficiency, there are others where students can participate with little or no foreign language experience.

When should I start planning for my exchange program?
The earlier you start planning to for your program, the better. A logistic first step is to talk with your academic advisor about how a study abroad experience program can fit into your academic plan. This will allow you to best plan the kinds of courses you’d like to take overseas and assure that you have the appropriate language proficiency if that is a program requirement. Additionally, planning ahead allows you to start saving funds if you know that you’ll need additional resources to pay for a study abroad or exchange program.

Will there be an opportunity to travel before or after my program?
In most cases, it is possible to travel before or after the start of your program.  Your program coordinator will alert you to any visa regulations that might apply or limit your ability to travel outside of the program dates.  Students also take advantage of holidays to travel. 

Do I have to fly to my study site with the group or can I fly independently?
While some students will fly with friends or fellow participants that they meet at orientation, you will be purchasing your airline ticket yourself and flying independently to your study site. You will be provided with an arrival date and instructions for your arrival at your study site.

How much does it cost to study abroad?
You will want to refer to the cost sheets for the specific programs you are considering. Each program has its own cost structure and what is included in the cost of the program will vary as well.  In general, you’ll see a Program Operations Fee, an Incidental Fee and a Lodging and Meals fee as part of your IE3 program bill. Each cost sheet also estimates the additional costs that you’ll have for the study program (airfare, personal expenses, local transportation, etc.) so you will have a estimate for the comprehensive cost of the program. 

What is included in the cost of the program?
While the cost of each program can vary significantly, the cost of studying abroad breaks into two categories; what the program charges you directly and then costs that you are responsible for individually.  Each IE3 cost sheet describes what is included in the cost of the program (typically a program fee, incidentals and perhaps a room and board charge) and estimates the additional costs that you’ll have overseas (airfare, personal expenses, travel). Some programs include group excursions and activities as part of the overall program cost.

Can I use my financial aid?
Yes, most forms of financial aid can be applied to the cost of a study abroad program.  You can consult with your study abroad advisor and/or the Financial Aid office on your campus for more information.  They will know how best to advise you given your particular financial situation.

 Are there additional scholarships available?
You can refer to the scholarship page on the IE3 website or to information available at the study abroad office on your home campus.  There are some national scholarships available to students in addition to campus based awards and programs for students going to a particular region of the world.  You can also apply for an IE3 Global scholarship for most programs. 

Can I use my staff tuition rate for the exchange program?
No, unfortunately you cannot.  Since you are not paying regular tuition (you are paying an administrative fee to our office in lieu of tuition) you cannot use staff rates.

Does WUE apply to the exchange program?
Students enrolled in the WUE program at an Oregon campus will be charged the program fee as an Oregon resident. 

What are my housing options abroad?
Housing options will vary from site to site.  On some programs, students are housed in university residences while in others, students select from residence halls, host families or apartments.  The housing section for each study site will detail available options.

What kind of on-site support is provided by IE3 Global?
Some program sites have on-site staff who are IE3 Global employees.  They provide orientation for program participants and can assist with questions regarding housing, academics, local resources, etc.  For some programs, students are supported by international offices at IE3 Global partner institutions. Students abroad on IE3 programs are also supported by a Health & Safety Coordinator who is on-call 24/7, responds to information requests and monitors the situation at our study sites.  You’ll receive information about your on-site support as part of the pre-departure process and always have access to the support staff at the IE3 Global central office while you are abroad.