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Spend your summer focusing on French!  The Lyon Summer Language & Culture program offers students an intensive language experience and the opportunity to live in the gastronomic capital of France while enjoying its rich history and vibrant cultural life.

Lyon: Summer Language & Culture | Lyon, France

The Lyon Summer Language & Culture program offers students an intensive summer study program with coursework focusing on French language and culture.  Students begin with a course, taught in English, that explores French culture through the lens of the city of Lyon and its place in French culture as it relates to geography, history, cinema, gastronomy, diversity, and immigration.  Students then take 4 weeks of intensive French language courses at the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF).  Students will be placed in the level appropriate to their French language proficiency and then focus on core areas such as oral expression, grammar and written comprehension.

In summer 2024, students will arrive on Saturday, June 15th. Courses at the ILCF end on Saturday, July 27th.

- 1st year college-level French preferred
- 2.75 cumulative GPA

The Lyon Summer Language & Culture program consists of two academic components.  First, a 4 credit culture class taught (in English) by OSU faculty member Dr. Nabil Boudraa.  Using Lyon as the starting point to understand French culture, students will explore a variety of topics ranging from history to popular culture, current social and economic conditions, and the role of cuisine in French culture.  Through field trips, readings, and class discussions, students will explore these and other aspects of French culture and come to know Lyon in the process.

The second component of the program focuses on French language.  Students will be taking courses alongside other international students at the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF).  Students will take an assessment at the beginning of their ILCF studies in order to be placed in the appropriate level and then follow a curriculum that focuses on all components of language learning.  In addition to 20 hours/week of French classes, students will enjoy excursions in the Lyon region as part of the ILCF program. Students will earn 6 credits for the French language component of the program.

The Lyon Summer Intensive Language & Culture program is open to students from all majors.

  • 1styear college-level French preferred
  • 75 cumulative GPA

Students will live in a residence in the center of Lyon and be placed in a single room.  There are shared bathroom and kitchen facilities on each floor that students can use.  IE3 Global summer program students will live in the same residence but their rooms may be on different floors.

OSU Professor Nabil Boudraa will be on-site in Lyon to welcome students and then serve as a contact for students during the first two weeks of the program in addition to teaching the English-language culture course.  For the month of intensive French language studies, staff from the ILCF, the French language institute that facilitates the month-long intensive French courses, will be the on-site resource for students.

The budget for the summer program is here.  Cost for the program will include both the English-language culture course, intensive French courses, excursions, insurance and some meals.



Application Deadline

March 15

Basic Requirements

- 1st year college-level French preferred
- 2.75 cumulative GPA