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An ideal program option for the student with strong French proficiency seeking an integrated and immersive experience taking courses at a French university.

Lyon: Direct Enroll | France

More photos from this program can be found here.

More photos from this program can be found here.

The Lyon Direct Enroll option provides students with an integrated experience in the French university system.  Students with a strong command of written French and oral comprehension (generally indicated by third-year college French proficiency and the recommendation of their French faculty) may select from courses offered at any of our partner universities in Lyon (Université Claude Bernard-Lyon 1, Université Lumière-Lyon 2, Université Jean Moulin-Lyon 3, Sciences-Po Lyon, and Université Catholique de Lyon). As an exchange student, you will be in class alongside your French counterparts and enroll in courses according to the degree requirements you want to fulfill while abroad.

Program Duration:

  • Fall/Winter/Spring:late August – early June

Fall/Winter/Spring: March 31

- Sophomore or higher
- GPA of 2.75 or above
- Minimum three years of college-level French or the equivalent with a B average or better

The Direct Enroll program begins with a stage, an intensive cultural and linguistic orientation course designed for international students.  Following stage, students will begin their studies at one of IE3 Global’s five partner institutions in Lyon.

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 specializes in the sciences and technological applications of scientific knowledge, engineering, business, and exercise and sports science.  Some of its unique fields of study include financial engineering; decision-making and risk management; encoding and cryptography; and neurosciences research.  It is the second largest university in France, with nearly 30,000 students at its main and marine (Mediterranean) campuses.  You’ll find the exchange student guide here.

Université Lumière Lyon 2

Université Lumière Lyon 2 offers a broad array of specializations in the humanities and social sciences.  Unique areas include geography of tourism; music theory; women’s studies; art theory; communication studies; psychology; and educational studies.  Students in many majors have found suitable courses, over the years, at Lyon 2.  Many students start their language studies at the CIEF. The CIEF offers courses for students of French from beginners to those nearly ready to enter regular university courses.  They offer exams to receive a national diploma (DELF, DALF) and their curriculum includes French language courses in addition to courses on French culture, literature, political science and art.  The university has two major campuses: Les Quais, located in the center of Lyon on the banks of the Rhône River; and La Porte des Alpes, also often called Bron, located in the Lyon suburb of Bron.  Lyon 2 has been the academic home for the majority of IE3 Global students studying in Lyon. You’ll find information for exchange students here.

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 specializes in business, law, and certain fields of the humanities and social sciences.  In addition to strong programs in languages, unique offerings include communication studies; geography and territorial planning; and philosophy.  Lyon 3 also offers the SELF program ("Study English in Lyon, France"), which offers numerous advanced courses in English, and the SELF diploma (which requires completing several courses in English as well as advanced French-language courses).  Lyon 3's European MBA program courses are taught entirely in English.  Information for exchange students is found here.

Université Catholique de Lyon

Université Catholique de Lyon (also known as the Faculté Catholique or, more affectionately,la FacCatho) specializes in the sciences (including computer science), business, and theology, and also offers courses in the humanities and social sciences.  Unique offerings include the Human Rights Institute (for graduate-level students only); international relations; translation studies; interdisciplinary ethics; ESDES (school of business); and a program in pedagogical experimentation (education).  The university's language institute, the ILCF, offers the DELF, DALF, and TCF exams, which can help students qualify for later admission to a degree program in a French university; the DELF and DALF programs also award diplomas to students with qualifying scores. Exchange students can explore the FacCatho here.

Sciences Po-Lyon

Sciences Po Lyon trains students in a wide variety of fields including Public Affairs, International Affairs (with several regional concentrations), Communications and Urban Studies.  Past exchange students have enjoyed courses in Political Science, Geography, History and Philosophy in addition to courses on current events.  Given the relatively small size of the institution, visiting students quickly feel comfortable and integrated into the campus community.  Many courses at Sciences Po Lyon are taught from a comparative perspective and the large number of exchange students from around the world adds to the rich academic environment.  All Sciences Po Lyon students study abroad as part of their 5-year degree program which also contributes to an open, welcoming environment. More information for exchange students can be found here.

Students can take courses in English as part of the Diploma of French and European Studies (DFES) program or enroll as a direct exchange student if they have a sufficient level of French proficiency.  The DFES program offers a courses in three areas; Politics, Urban Studies and Area Studies.  In addition to content courses, DFES students take a French language course.  For students enrolling directly in Sciences Po Lyon courses, the institution offers an “Attestation d’Etudes Politiques” for a semester of study and a “Certificat  d’Etudes Politiques” for a  year of study for visiting students.

The year-long Direct Exchange program is open to students from all fields of study. To be eligible for the year-long program, students must meet the following minimum requirements before departure:

  • 45 credits or more (sophomore standing)
  • An overall GPA of 2.75 or above (3.25 for graduate students)
  • Minimum three years of college-level French or the equivalent with a B average or better

Housing is coordinated by the IE3 Global Resident Director.  Students may choose a host family, a residence hall, or a small apartment depending on their preferences.  The host family option provides an opportunity for cultural and linguistic immersion and a majority of meals are included.  Students living in residence halls have access to cooking facilities and/or inexpensive student restaurants.

The experienced staff of the Centre Oregon Lyon support students during their study program. Resident Director Laurie Wilson and Program Assistant Rémédios Hernandez will help you to arrange housing, coordinate your orientation, introduce you to the city, give you guidance regarding the French educational system, and provide other logistical and personal support as needed. The Centre Oregon is located at Lyon 2 in a suite of offices shared by other Lyon 2 partner institutions.

laurie-wilsonAbout Resident Director, Laurie Wilson

Laurie grew up in Northern California and completed her BA in Language Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during which time she spent her junior year abroad in Poitiers, France. She then moved to Oregon for graduate school and earned both a Master of Arts in French and a PhD in Romance Languages from the University of Oregon. During her doctoral program, Laurie spent a year working as a graduate assistant for the IE3 Global program in Lyon, France. She returned to Lyon to live after completing her PhD, and was hired to be the Resident Director of the IE3 Global Lyon program in 2003. She enjoys helping the IE3 Global students learn and thrive during their time in Lyon, and working with the French exchange students as they prepare for their time in Oregon universities.

IE3 Global seeks to make its exchange programs affordable and accessible. For detailed information regarding the program budget (both the program fee and an estimate of personal expenses), please click on the following:

The program fee includes academic and administrative fees, room and board allowance, on-site support, orientation expenses, group activities, and health and accident insurance. The program fee does not include airfare, visa expenses, campus-based fees and personal expenses such as local transportation, textbooks, laundry, recreation (including continental travel), personal supplies and incidental expenses.



Application Deadline

Fall/Winter/Spring: March 31

Basic Requirements

- Sophomore or higher
- GPA of 2.75 or above
- Minimum three years of college-level French or the equivalent with a B average or better