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2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Baden Württemberg Exchange. Since 1968, the state of Oregon and the state of Baden-Württemberg have given students the opportunity to live and study in one of Germany’s most prosperous and scenic regions.

Baden-Württemberg Exchange | Germany

More photos from this program can be found here.

More photos from this program can be found here.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg/Oregon state-to-state academic exchange program started over 50 years ago. Since 1968, the exchange has given Oregon students the opportunity to live and study in one of Germany’s most prosperous and scenic regions.

Located in the southwest corner of Germany, Baden-Württemberg is home to some of the oldest, most renowned, and prestigious universities in Germany.

  • Encompassing fifteen different universities, the Baden-Württemberg program offers a wide variety of disciplines and courses for students of all majors.
  • Students can take German language and culture courses or regular university courses in almost any field of study.
  • An experienced, full-time Resident Director provides academic, cultural, personal, and logistical support to students.
  • Every student on the exchange program is eligible for a generous monthly stipend provided by the education ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

Program Duration:

  • Fall (Mannheim only): early August – late December
  • Fall/Winter (winter semester): late August – mid February
  • Spring (summer semester): early April – late July
  • Fall/Winter/Spring (academic year): late August – late July


Fall: March 15
Fall/Winter: March 15
Fall/Winter/Spring: March 15
Spring: November 15

- Sophomore or higher
- GPA of 2.75 or above (3.25 for graduate students)
- Some fields of study may require German language proficiency

This exchange program enables undergraduate and graduate students with diverse majors and interests to study at one of fifteen universities in Baden-Württemberg for an academic year or semester. Sites include Freiburg, Heidelberg, Hohenheim, Ludwigsburg, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Trossingen, Tübingen, and Ulm. Students can select between traditional liberal arts universities, technical universities, or institutions specializing in education and teacher training, music, or art.

Many partner universities have excellent offerings in German as a Foreign language for students who want to focus on German language skills development or earn credit for a German major or minor.

Students can also directly enroll in regular university classes, which are primarily taught in German and sometimes available in English. Students should consider their own language level as well as prior work in subject area (in the case of pre-requisites) when evaluating course offerings. Many students find they are most successful when they mix German as a Foreign Language classes with regular university classes, or focus on German language skills during their first semester and enroll in regular university classes during the second semester.

Some universities offer a wide selection of classes taught in English, depending on the academic area. Business, International Studies, Media Studies and Journalism, and Political Science are examples of subjects with good course offerings in English.

Please note, students do not need to choose a university before applying. As part of the application process, students will have the opportunity to talk over the options with program staff and indicate their preferences. We will work with you to find the best fit for your academic and personal goals.

Comprehensive information about each campus option can be found in the Baden-Wuerttemberg-Universities-Overview (pdf).

The Baden-Württemberg exchange program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all fields of study. To be eligible, students must meet the following minimum requirements before departure:

  • 45 credits or more (sophomore standing)
  • an overall GPA of 2.75 or above (3.25 for graduate students)

German language proficiency requirements depend on your intended academic pursuits while in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Students wanting to focus on German as a Foreign Language classes must have completed at least one year of college-level German. (For students still in their first year of German language studies, please see the Heidelberg Accelerated Program).
  • For students who will be taking regular university classes taught in English at certain university partners, no previous German language is required (though strongly encouraged).
  • Students wanting to take regular university classes taught in German should have strong German language skills at the 3rd or 4th year level, depending on the academic area and university.
  • Some academic programs may require previous successful completion of upper-division coursework in the academic field at their home university.

Students must continue to make satisfactory academic progress throughout the application process and during their study abroad program, and otherwise comply with policies and procedures of the host university, IE3 Global, and their home university study abroad office.

Housing varies from university to university, but there are a few constants: all students will be housed in single rooms in university student housing (Wohnheim). The typical room has a bed, desk, chair, shelves, large closet, and a sink. Usually about 8-12 students share a kitchen, showers, and toilets. Your floor mates will be German and international students.

Dorms are co-ed but bathrooms and/or shower stalls can be locked. Shared laundry facilities exist in each building complex. All student housing has in-room internet access.

Oregon students are supported by two Resident Directors, Sarah Taylor and Kerstin McGaughey, in the Oregon Study Center in Tübingen.

The Resident Directors travel to each university several times throughout the year to assist students with academic, logistical, and personal matters, and is always available to respond in-person to any critical needs. It is also the Resident Directors‘ role to support and strengthen the institutional connections between campuses in Baden-Württemberg and Oregon.

In addition, students have the support of the International Office staff at their BW university.

IE3 Global seeks to make its exchange programs affordable and accessible. Below, you can find detailed information regarding the program costs (both the program fee and an estimate of personal expenses). Please note, final program costs may change based on USD/EUR exchange rates and other factors.


In addition to the resources available through your financial aid office and study abroad office, there are multiple stipends and scholarships available to students participating in the Baden-Württemberg exchange program. All participants receive a scholarship or stipend to help with living expenses. Check with your study abroad office or the IE3 Global office about details and deadlines for the upcoming academic year.

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Fall | Fall/Winter | Fall/Winter/Spring | Spring

Application Deadline

Fall: March 15
Fall/Winter: March 15
Fall/Winter/Spring: March 15
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

- Sophomore or higher
- GPA of 2.75 or above (3.25 for graduate students)
- Some fields of study may require German language proficiency