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Good day everyone! In the last few weeks of my internship I was able to...

Returning Home

Good day everyone!

In the last few weeks of my internship I was able to complete my coding assignment and a beta of Xorro-Q was created, which is amazing! I even had a few days to work on some additional photoshop elements for the company before wrapping everything up. After the internship ended, I had two weeks to do some sightseeing. I was able to visit some of my favorite places in New Zealand before hopping on a plane back to Oregon. Being greeted with summer weather was a welcomed change.

The reunion with my car was a memorable one, as my least favorite thing about being in New Zealand was being confined by the local bus routes. I’ve been spending my first week back reconnecting services like internet, phone and car insurance.

Now, I’m finishing up the final paperwork requirements and looking forward to Fall term. Looking back, the entire internship felt very similar to a class at Oregon State, learning a topic and completing the assignment mostly solo. I gained some valuable experience and added WPF and C# to my list of skills. It was stressful at times as learning any new coding language can be. If you enjoy working alone and are looking for an internship where you can take ownership of an assignment, then I would recommend this site.

I think the most stressful part of this internship was transportation. Try to make housing arrangements that are close to work and even then, look up the bus routes beforehand. Always remember to take a minute to enjoy New Zealand. Guided tours are always a great idea!