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Attached are some of my favorite photos from my semester abroad trip. These photos were...

Fun Activities In Germany

Attached are some of my favorite photos from my semester abroad trip. These photos were all taken in Southern Germany, where I was located.

My last week in Tübingen, with most of my roommates and the girls in the dorm room directly above us. These were some of the best friends I made while abroad. I enjoyed spending time with them very much. We traveled around together, had parties, played board games, and cooked each other meals. They were a huge part of my experience and had a huge impact on my time in Tübingen.

The Ulmer Münster, located in Ulm, a city on the edge of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The Ulmer Münster is the tallest church in the world, with a steeple measuring 530 ft. One of my roommates and I made a trip to Ulm to visit another roommate in his hometown and we decided to climb to the top of the church. It was a fun day trip, which ended with a tour of the city, and the best Käsespätzle I have ever eaten.

Some of the other students from OSU and UO that were participating in the IE3 program. We were inside the Residenz, a former palace located in Munich. The palace contains 10 courtyards and 130 different rooms. This particular room had statues of various Roman rulers displayed in alcoves along the walls.

Outside of the Munich city hall with the same group of friends in the previous picture. This trip was a highlight of my stay in Germany.  Through our travels I gained some great friends, who I am still close to.

A good representation of Tübingen. All throughout summer, people rent Stocherkahn, flat bottomed boats, propelled by a giant stick. Many of the dorms have their own Stockerkahns available to reserve free of charge, to take out on the river. In this picture my roommates and I are out on the river, enjoying the sun during a school break.


With my roommates right after the yearly Stocherkahn races, a famous event in Tübingen that usually draws a huge crowd. During the event, a few thousand people gather on an island in the middle of the Neckar river to watch as ridiculous amounts of boats flood the river for a very entertaining show.

Frühlingsfest, a festival in Stuttgart, which celebrates spring. It is very similar to Oktoberfest, with beer tents, food, rides, and many other fun celebrations. The beer is served in a maß, which is exactly 1 liter. You can see the size difference between my neighbor’s beer, and my Apfelschorle.

There were some ups and downs during the trip, but for the most part it was non-stop fun. The hardest part was the first week. Upon arrival there was a ton of paperwork for rental agreements, enrollment, visas, buspasses, etc. This was all done while still experiencing jet lag, which made it that much harder. Other than that, I had a great time and made many friends along the way. I really appreciate the program, and the help it provided in facilitating the trip. I was able to practice my language skills, learn about a new culture, make friends, and travel, and none of it would have been possible without the help of IE3.