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Please read the FAQs below for answers to internship-related questions you may have. If you...

Internships FAQs

Please read the FAQs below for answers to internship-related questions you may have. If you still have questions, please contact us at 

Why choose IE3 Global:

Planning to apply for an internship:

Costs and Funding:

Academic Credit:

Application and Selection Process:

Intern preparation and support:

Past IE3 Global interns:




What are the benefits of an IE3 Global internship? 

IE3 Global has over 25 years of experience placing and supporting interns abroad. Our interns:

How is interning abroad different than a traditional study abroad program?

IE3 Global internships are generally going to require greater maturity, professionalism, and independence than a more traditional study abroad program. Interns work full-time and operate outside the structure and familiarity of a college setting. They should expect to navigate day-to-day life abroad with greater autonomy, self-reliance, and personal accountability. Depending on the internship site, an intern may find they are the sole intern/foreigner in their workplace. 

IE3 Global supports interns through all stages of the program: application, pre-departure, working abroad and re-entry. In particular, IE3 Global provides significant pre-departure preparation, guidance, and training, so that interns have the necessary knowledge and tools they will need to successfully navigate life and work abroad.


What are the application deadlines for IE3 Global internships? 

Application deadlines are as follows:

When is the best time to do an internship?

Most internships are available all four terms of the year.

How long is an internship?

Most internships are a minimum of 10 weeks. 

Am I eligible to participate in an IE3 Global internship?

A student is eligible to apply for an IE3 Global internship if they:

Read the individual position descriptions for information about required skills, training, and language requirements specific to a particular internship.

*Students with a GPA below 2.5, may be considered on a case-by case basis, if they have relevant hands-on experience and are otherwise a strong candidate. The Program Coordinator will make final decisions regarding individual exceptions to this requirement.

How can I plan for an IE3 Global internship?

To get the most out of the internship, students should start planning ahead and considering these areas:

How do I work with my campus study abroad advisor?

Each campus in the IE3 Global network has a designated IE3 Global study abroad advisor. The IE3 Global study abroad advisor is a student’s main contact person for advice about applying to an internship and campus-specific topics such as academic credit, registration, financial aid, graduation, and local scholarship opportunities. They advise in the early stages, and in some cases, may meet with the student once an application is complete to make a final recommendation about a student’s candidacy for a program. The campus advisor’s contact information is available on our contact page.


How much does an IE3 Global internship cost? 

See the “Program Cost” section on the individual internship program page to get program cost details and see a summary of estimated living expenses.  

IE3 Global Program Fee

The IE3 Global internship program fee includes the following:

Host Site Fees

Some internships have a host site fee. Host site fees cover a variety of expenses. Review the “Program Cost” section on the individual internship page to learn if your prospective internship has an additional fee and if so, what is included in the host site fee.

Estimated Budget

Candidates receive a detailed estimated budget during the interview phase of the application process, so they have a full picture of the program costs, before they are asked to officially commit to the internship.

Can I use student loans, financial aid, academic grants, and scholarships to help fund my internship abroad?

Yes. As with other study abroad programs, student loans, financial aid, academic grants and scholarships can typically be applied towards an IE3 Global internship. As academic credit-bearing, full-time international work experiences, IE3 Global internships are considered a type of study abroad program. 


How do I receive academic credit for my IE3 Global internship?

The processes for obtaining academic credit for internships vary from school to school. As a general guideline, interns earn one (academic quarter) credit for every 30 hours of work. Applicants will be asked in their application to provide a rough idea of their anticipated credit plan. At a later point in the process, interns will be provided campus-specific instructions for finalizing a credit plan.


What is the selection process for an IE3 Global internship?

IE3 Global assesses candidates based on a variety of criteria that are strong indicators for success on an international internship.  In addition to academic and professional qualifications, we look at candidates’ motivations, readiness, skill set, and programmatic fit.  Soft skills such as cultural awareness, maturity, professionalism, and ability to work independently are essential to a successful internship and are given appropriate importance in our assessment process.  How a candidate interacts with program coordinators and other IE3 Global staff throughout the application process will also be taken into consideration. 

Generally, the selection process is as follows:


When are the orientations and what do they cover?

All IE3 Global participants are required to attend a pre-departure orientation and a site-specific orientation. Pre-Departure Orientation will include general training sessions on culture, health and safety, and logistics.  Site-Specific Orientation dives further into these topics as relates to the intern’s host country and host site.

Pre-Departure Orientations are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year in Oregon and online for individuals outside of Oregon. Specific dates and locations will be announced to final candidates; pre-departure orientations are usually held on Saturdays, along the following timeline:

Site-Specific Orientations are scheduled by the program coordinator, and typically take place online.

Orientation attendance is mandatory for all IE3 Global interns. If there are extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from attending orientation, please discuss this with your program coordinator as soon as possible.

Your school may also require that you attend a pre-departure orientation for their outbound study abroad students. Your study abroad office will inform you of this requirement, if applicable.

How does IE3 Global support intern health and safety? 

At IE3 Global, intern health and safety is our top priority. IE3 Global is committed to providing interns with the guidance and resources they need to live and work abroad safely and healthily, while mitigating risk. Here are some of the ways we support interns:


I am a former IE3 Global intern. How can I support IE3 Global and future interns?

There are many opportunities to contribute to IE3 Global and our future interns upon your return, some of which are listed below. For more information, write to us at