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Education, Environmental Science, and Outdoor Leadership in Thailand | Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Students in the Three Generation Visiting Schools Program (VSP) in Chiang Mai, Thailand expand the knowledge they have gained in the classroom through investigative fieldwork and team building activities. Since its beginning in the year 2000, the VSP has grown to serve over 3000 students annually from fifty different schools in fifteen different countries. We offer a variety of programs: long term, short-term, leadership, cultural, adventure, English, holiday and subject specific. 

Students in the Visiting Schools Program (VSP) expand the knowledge they have gained in the classroom through investigative fieldwork and team building activities. Since its beginning in the year 2000, the VSP has grown to serve over 3000 students annually from fifty different schools in fifteen different countries. We offer a variety of programs: long term, short-term, leadership, cultural, adventure, English, holiday and subject specific. Students engage in global issues at a local level by participating in activities focused in seven different areas:

Environmental, social and economic sustainability: Educational activities and projects related to agriculture, ecological conservation, energy, urban planning and more

Cross-cultural and interfaith awareness: Activities in arts, crafts, food, hilltribe peoples, history, religion

Outdoor and adventure education: Trekking, mountain biking, rafting and more

Community service: Build long-term service relationships with other organizations, orphanage assistance, community service projects, assist children with AIDS/HIV positive, tree planting

Leadership and teamwork: Participate in 2-5 day programs learning about team process, leadership, values, team culture, power and authority and more

Course fieldwork: Experiential learning at its best. Learn by doing in an environment suited to the program or project.

Specialist subjects: Programs of various length tailored to the learning and subject requirements of the various visiting schools.

The setting of the PTIS International School, both the surrounding region and the campus itself, enlivens the hearts, minds and spirits of students through a learning experience beyond the classroom. The Visiting Schools Program exposes participants to global issues at a personal level, broadening perspectives to encourage sustainable living and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and to grow as global citizens through these different experiences. Learn more about the PTIS International School and its various VSP programs run amidst the rolling mountains of Chiang Mai province at

Help develop and implement customized experiential education activities and curricula that focus on such diverse topics as: alternative energy, sustainable agriculture and living, cultural activities, teambuilding and more. While a 3 month internship is possible, it is preferred by the VSP for interns to commit to a 6 month internship. This allows interns to fully grasp the program philosophy and educational methodology before the intern will be able to facilitate and create activities that are appropriate to the unique curriculum. While the specific needs of the program evolve, interns who are creative and energetic with a background in youth education/being a camp counselor are encouraged to apply. Interns will be given an opportunity to share their knowledge and ideas and implement them into the curriculum.

An example of a needed project that an intern could work on at VSP is as follows:

The VSP wants its students to be excited about sustainable energy sources. Thus, an intern could work with VSP staff to identify and implement low energy sustainable technology which will serve a functional use on the school farm and raise awareness and create excitement amongst students for the possible uses of alternative energy. Some additional possible project ideas are: create a bicycle powered juicer to make fruit shakes on the farm; display low cost solar energy by creating a solar water heater using simple technology or recycled materials. An intern could create something using energy generated from students, by using a see-saw etc.

Where possible students would work with the intern to help make the gadgets, but if this is impractical, there would still be value in the intern constructing and then students using and learning about the process and its benefits. The program only has a small budget for projects, but using alternative energy on the farm would enhance the learning opportunities VSP can offer. VSP hopes to continue using the intern’s project / activities once the placement is over.

Three Generation Visiting Schools Program, part of the PTIS International School, exposes students to new experiences, helping them expand classroom knowledge and develop as individuals through experiential fieldwork and team building activities. Room and board provided for interns staying on campus.

Academic Background

Environmental Sciences, Education, Outdoor Leadership, Sustainable Development, Engineering


Well organized and motivated to complete a project with minimum supervision. An ability to work well with students, most of whom are high-school aged. The intern should be willing to involve students and to share technical knowledge with students. Experience working as a camp counselor or youth educator is helpful. Must be enthusiastic about sustainability! 

Other Requirements

Must be able to commit at least 6 months to the internship (unless doing the 1 term multi-media/promotional internship)

IE3 Program Fee -- $3450

Estimated One-Time Expenses

Expense Type


International Travel

R/T flight to Thailand $1800. ***Please note that this cost varies widely by provider and when you book your flight***

Visa Fees

$175 for 2 term, $35 for 1 term

Recommended Immunizations

$100-$500. In addition to the recommended routine vaccinations, the following vaccinations are recommended for Thailand: Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, Japanese encephalytis, rabies. Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities. See the Center for Disease Control for more information.

*See Additional Cost Information below.

Estimated Monthly Expenses

Expense Type



Approximately $130 per month


$5-20 per day

Local Transportation




Personal Expenses


Room and board is provided. Room has an estimated value of $150/month and food at $15 per day.

The cost of living in Thailand is low. The cost estimates provided can vary widely depending on the intern's preferences and spending habits. The VSP campus is located 20 miles north of Chiang Mai City. Public transportation to and from the city for personal time outside of work is very inexpensive. If you hire a taxi it is more expensive and prices are often subject to bartering. Thus, a cost conscious person is able to keep personal expenses very low. Similarly, if an intern would like to take advantage of the surrounding areas many outdoor recreation activities and tourism options over teh weekends or after the internship, the cost for those activities varies widely. People at VSP can certainly help you find the activities to suit your needs and personal tastes.

Any term.

PTIS International School uses English as its working language.

Application Deadline

Summer: January 25
Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

- Background in environmental sciences, education, outdoor leadership, development, and engineering.
- Work well with students.
- Able to commit minimum of 6 months.