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Entrepreneurship, Media, & Tourism in Rio | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Intern with Rio EnCantos Tours, an emerging tourism company that seeks to provide tours of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that go beyond the typical touristic routes, offering visitors the chance to explore the city’s wonders along with the local Cariocas lifestyle.

Interns working with Rio EnCantos will be exposed to the daily challenges and thrills of keeping a small business afloat in a major metropolitan city. This experience will give students the opportunity to learn and develop their professional skills in a fun and dynamic environment.

Students with a background in advertising, marketing, and/or hospitality management are encouraged to apply. Portuguese language skills a plus.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Beginning of fall, spring, or summer term

Duration of Internship:

  • 10 weeks – 6 months

Rio EnCantos is small tour company recently established in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. It started as a group of 5 visionaries passionate about Rio’s enchantments, including: Kelly Tavares, founder and director; her partners from the University of Oregon; and a local tour guide from Rio. They decided to combine their skills to create a tour company in order to capitalize on the large crowds to be drawn by the major events hosted in Rio up to 2016.

Rio EnCantos’ mission is to offer city tours that go beyond the main touristic routes in Rio de Janeiro, helping visitors discover the local “Cariocas” lifestyle along with the city’s other great wonders, such as its historic downtown area, Little Africa, the Rocinha Favela (the largest in Latin America), and the open-air art galleries of Santa Teresa.

Besides city tours, Rio EnCantos offers the Banho de Cultura: English Immersions with Art program. This program provides linguistic and cultural immersion in English for Brazilians who are studying English, and is also an excellent opportunity for visitors to Rio who are interested in improving their language skills in English or Portuguese while learning about the art history of Brazil.

The company’s partners work from their homes internationally, with Director Kelly Tavares’ home serving as the main office. Kelly lives on a residential street in the heart of the historic downtown area near the Bohemian Lapa and the financial district. This is the cultural center of the city, which houses its main museums, cultural centers, historical churches, schools and much more. Public transportation is accessible and frequent, and many nearby businesses are within walking distance from the main office.

Working in a new tour company, interns will discover many opportunities to learn about starting up a business and develop their skills as they support the growth of this small local enterprise. Rio EnCantos has highly skilled staff who know their work well, but they are limited in numbers and need interns to help them implement their creative ideas.

Intern tasks may include:

  • Developing action plans and strategic planning
  • Organization and event publicity and PR material
  • Website support or development and graphic design
  • Training program development and coordination
  • Marketing and business plan development
  • English language training session development
  • Creating international liaisons with students and universities in the U.S.
  • Working with staff to compile and conduct surveys

The intern’s work space is located at the home office on a “tree friendly” street where community life is lively and warm.

The office has different stations including one with an extra monitor for graphic design production.

Academic Background

  • Business Management, Marketing, Graphic Design and Media Management, Arts Management, Tourism & International Studies and other related majors.


Students who have leadership skills, are proactive and have knowledge and/or experience in the following areas are preferred:

  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Educational program management
  • Tour agency management
  • Development of strategic plans and evaluation tools

Language Requirements

  • English is spoken by and among the Rio EnCantos staff, and Portuguese is the secondary language they use.
  • Basic Portuguese skills are very useful to help interns engage in activities in the community, but are not required.
  • In the absence of Portuguese language skills, Spanish or Italian skills will help facilitate learning Portuguese and managing daily living activities.

Other Requirements

  • Interns must bring their own laptop.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3Global Program Fee: $3,450
  • Host Site Fees: $210 covers local support and ground transportation
  • International Travel: $1,600
  • Visitor e-Visa Fees: $80.90
  • Recommended Immunizations: $400

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing: $600
  • Food: $200
  • Local Personal Transportation: $120
  • Recreation: $150
  • Personal Expenses: $100

Rio EnCantos assists interns in arranging suitable accommodation for their stay.

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Fall | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Fall: April 15
Spring: November 15

  • Priority Deadline - January 15
  • Standard Deadline - February 15
  • Basic Requirements

    -See Qualifications and Requirements section