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Agricultural Research in Spain | Bizkala, Bilbao, Spain

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Collaboratively contribute to research activities related to projects within the Department of Animal Health at a local non-profit, state-owned company.  Work on scientific publications in biology, veterinary sciences, animal husbandry and disease, and other research topics, both in Spanish and in English.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Mid-September, early January, early April

Duration of Internship:

  • 3 months min., 6 months strongly preferred

This local non-profit focuses on agricultural research and development.  It is a state-owned company assigned to the Department of Environment, Regional Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries within the Basque government.

Good animal health is a critical factor in ensuring the viability and sustainability of the food sector, which is the largest single economic sector in the EU. The impact of an animal disease outbreak can vary widely, usually posing a direct risk to animals and often public health. However, there can also be other negative indirect impacts, such as economic or social effects, including costs to livestock farmers and related industries, public sector costs of eradication and monitoring, and changes in consumption patterns (EU Animal Health Impact Assessment, 2013). Often, disease outbreaks also have significant impacts on international trade of animals and animal products.  Animal diseases can also affect wild animals, and may have a negative environmental impact on wild animal populations and on biodiversity. This internship host site protects and improves the health, quality, and marketability of animal products and veterinary biologics by preventing, controlling and/or eliminating animal diseases, and monitoring and promoting animal health and productivity.

Collaboratively contribute to research activities. These research activities could be performed in a lab setting or in farms, and may involve lab assays or field sampling.

Perform data entry and statistical analysis of data.

Help employees/staff members develop their professional English skills: assisting with translations of research publications, projects, reports and conference communications.

Develop English advising sessions in response to student needs.

Assist in administrative tasks.

Assist in developing bibliographic resources.

Academic Background:

Advanced and highly motivated undergraduate students or graduate students in agriculture, food science, natural resource sciences, biological sciences, animal sciences, veterinary medicine and/or other related disciplines will be considered. If undergraduate students, those intending to start a PhD or a masters after completing the internship will be preferred.


  • Research experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Mature, resourceful and adaptable – able to work with a variety of people and personalities as well as alone.
  • Independent and diligent
  • Clear passion for the mission of the host site

Language Requirements:

Comfort with spoken, written, aural and oral Spanish is preferred, but not required.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Program Fee: $3,450
  • International Travel & Exit Tax: $1,400
  • Recommended Immunizations: none required

* Fees vary based on medical history and insurance coverage

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing:
    • Option A: Complimentary homestay arranged by host site
    • Option B: University residence hall for $800/mo. ($200/wk)
  • Food: $300 ($75/wk)
  • Local Transportation:  $75 ($18.75/wk)
  • Recreation: $100 ($25/wk)
  • Personal Expenses: $150 ($37.50/wk)

Budgeting Note: Past interns have suggested that interns may want to bring additional money so that they may participate in the wide range of activities the city and wider areas have to offer. Do some research about suggested activities for visitors and the related costs and think about if you will need to budget additional funds.

Option A: Complimentary homestay arranged by host site

Option B: University residence hall for $800/mo. ($200/wk)

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Fall | Winter | Spring

Application Deadline

Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

- See Qualifications and Requirements section