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STEM Research | Madrid and Valencia, Spain

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Placement opportunities are available in Madrid or Valencia, two of the cities at the leading edge of research and biotechnology in Europe.  A variety of internship positions are available based on your interests, qualifications, and experience.  Placements are coordinated through a close partnership with our partner agency in Madrid, which provides local expertise and support.  Interns work on existing research projects in settings that include prestigious STEM research centers, universities, hospitals, and labs.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Flexible start dates at the beginning of any academic term
  • Summer in Madrid only

Duration of Internship:

  • 10 weeks, minimum

Our Spanish partner company has access to exciting research and medical opportunities with two of the most import research organizations in Spain, where interns are certain to gain world-class experience in state-of-the-art facilities.  Our partner company in Spain will also help arrange housing for interns in Madrid’s competitive housing market and provide local support as needed.

Our partner  works in close connection with IE3 Global Internships to provide a high-quality, relevant internship experience for accepted students in a range of professional disciplines at various local and multinational entities.  Our partner company matches interns with an organization where they can gain crucial professional experience and make a valuable contribution to their company  while strengthening the intern’s portfolio or resume with practical experience and projects abroad.

Students participate in existing research opportunities, with specific tasks and responsibilities designated by the site supervisor.

Options can include research placements in fields such as the following:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biology
  • Biomedicine
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Materials Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Genomics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Food Science and Technology

Academic Background

  • Candidates should have appropriate academic experience in the field in which they would like to intern.


  • Candidates should have appropriate prior work experience in the field in which they would like to intern.

Language Requirements

  • English-speaking positions are available.
  • Basic Spanish is highly preferred.
  • Functional level Spanish will allow for a greater professional placement opportunities and will facilitate activities in daily life.

Other Requirements

  • Maturity and professionalism

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Program Fee: $3,450
  • Host Site Fees:  $1800
  • International Travel: $1,500
  • Visa Fees: $0*
  • Recommended Immunizations: 0**

*At time of posting visa not required for U.S. citizens completing a single-term internship

**Varies based on medical history, doctor’s recommendations, and insurance coverage

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing*: $600-800 ($175/wk)
  • Food: $400 ($100/wk)
  • Local Transportation: $100 ($25/wk)
  • Recreation: $200 ($50/wk)
  • Personal Expenses: $150 ($37.50/wk)

*Rents vary depending in chosen accommodation and exchange rate

Budgeting Note: Estimated costs are based on typical internship-related costs and a modest standard of living. Each intern’s costs will vary based on lifestyle choices (eating out vs. cooking, taking public transportation vs. taxis) and recreational spending (travelling on days off, hobbies, etc.).

Additional Expense Information

The host site fee includes:

  • internship placement
  • arranging secure housing accommodations
  • professional guidance prior to an upon arrival
  • 24/7 emergency support and assistance

Interns have a two options for housing:

  • Option A: Room in shared flat in Madrid for approximately 450-550€ per month (approx.. $525-650/month). Interns are responsible for own meals.
  • Option B: Family Homestay for 450-550€ per month (approx. $525-650/month). One meal a day is included.

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Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Summer: January 25
Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

-See Qualifications and Requirements section