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Marine Biology Research and Education in Ireland | Waterville, Ireland

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Sea Synergy was established by marine biologist Lucy Hunt in Waterville, Co. Kerry in 2014 to raise awareness of Ireland’s incredible marine biodiversity through outdoor experiences and activities. From its inception, Sea Synergy has run an annual Summer Internship program from May to September.

Our internship allows students from Ireland and around the world to get hands-on experience volunteering in a Marine Awareness and Activities Center. During their time at Sea Synergy, interns will develop a broad range of skills – conducting marine animal surveys, working on citizen science projects, caring for aquaria, leading workshops, assisting with ongoing research and developing education programs of their own.

Interns are encouraged to use their time with Sea Synergy to not only pursue their passion, but also explore what aspects of marine education, conservation, and research they would like to pursue in their professional careers.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Late May, early June

Duration of Internship:

  • 12 weeks

Center Activities

Sea Synergy provides fun and interesting activities for both children and adults to discover Ireland’s marine life and the importance of the ocean in our daily lives. Nature connection is a key part of learning in all workshops.

Sample Activities and Workshops:

  • Guided Snorkel, Kayak and Paddleboard Tours
  • Seashore Safaris
  • Marine Creature Feature workshop
  • Beach Art & Litter Awareness workshop
  • Sea Camps for children under 10

Research at the Center

Research began in 2015 with seal surveys in the Bay and has since expanded to include regular marine mammal surveys documenting over 300 animals, including porpoises, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, rissos dolphins, minke whales and humpback whales. Sea Synergy is currently focusing its research efforts on the distribution of European Oysters with views to initiating oyster bed restoration.

Education and Outreach Option

  • Develop the marine education program
  • Supervise children and adult marine workshops on the beaches and in the center
  • Create and present marine wildlife and awareness presentations and games
  • Provide marine wildlife talks on boats
  • Promote social networking and public relations
  • Assist in research and field survey work

Research Development Option

  • Develop research and survey program
  • Record, organize data, and report to relevant organizations
  • Supervise local headland watches for marine mammals and birds
  • Organize and conduct public whale watches from local headland
  • Encourage the public in surveys – citizen science
  • Teach children and public survey methods
  • Promote social networking and public relations

Additional Skills Developed

  • Irish Marine mammal identification
  • Marine mammal survey techniques on boats and headlands
  • Diving & Snorkeling survey techniques (if you have Dive qualification PADI Advanced or equivalent)

Academic Background:

  • Interns should have an academic background and/or experience working in marine biology, conservation, and education.


  • Interns are expected to demonstrate responsibility, professional motivation, flexibility, and effective communication skills.
  • Additional helpful attributes include: First Aid certification, Marketing and Social Media skills, snorkeling/scuba diving certification, field work experience, and desire to work outdoors including on boats for long hours.

Language Requirements:

  • English is the language of communication. Interns must be capable of written and spoken communication at a near-native level in professional settings.

Visa Requirements:

  • No visa is required for internships under 90 days. For multiple term placements, interns must be eligible for an Irish Working Holiday authorisation.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Global Program Fee: $3,450
  • International Travel: $1,000
  • Working Holiday Authorization: $295
  • Irish Residence Permit (only for 90+ day placements): $325

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing: $550 - $900
  • Food: $550
  • Local Transportation: $75
  • Utilities, Phone, Internet: $80

*Fee amounts are calculated with an exchange rate from European Euro at the time of posting.

Independent Housing

Interns arrange their own housing.

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Application Deadline

Summer: January 25

Basic Requirements

- Background in marine biology/environmental science or similar
- Keen interest in marine conservation and education