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Environmental Sustainability and Outdoor Education in Singapore | Singapore, Singapore

More photos of this internship may be found here. Photo courtesy of Waterways Watch Society.

Join an award-winning nonprofit in downtown Singapore working to bring people together and inspire environmental stewardship. Waterways Watch Society has been running educational programs, regular cleanup activities, and outreach efforts throughout Singapore since 1999. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to conserve, value, and enjoy Singapore’s water resources.

Interns will help organize and lead outdoor educational programs. This is not a desk-job! Interns will regularly be outdoors on foot, bike, or kayak with groups of children and adults. Opportunities also exist to support administration, marketing, communications, and program development.

Internship Start Dates:

  • Interns strongly encouraged to apply for summer and fall internships between July and November. However, internships can take place year-round.

Duration of Internship:

  • 12+ weeks

Waterways Watch Society (WWS) is a non-profit organization in Singapore bringing people together to inspire environmental stewardship. Since 1998, the organization has run a variety of outdoor educational programs for visitors of all ages, focused on discovery and clean-up activities. For their public outreach efforts, WWS was awarded the inaugural Presidential Environment Award in 2006, and both the PUB Watermark Honorary award and NEA EcoFriend Award in 2007. In 2013, WWS qualified to be an Institution of Public Character, a prestigious status in Singapore for charities. In 2014, the founder Mr. Eugene Heng, received the Presidential Environment Award (in an individual capacity).

WWS is committed to promoting public awareness of conserving, valuing, and enjoying Singapore’s water resources while encouraging good social behavior, translating into reduced litter and pollution of the environment. WWS works with a variety of governmental and NGO partners, including the Public Utilities Board and National Environment Agency. They routinely take part in World Water Day (March 22), World Environment Day (June 5), International Coastal Cleanups, and World Water Monitoring Day (September 18).

Some notable outdoor programs include the Bicycle Waterway Trail (cleanup), Kayak Waterway Cleanup, Waterways Watch Explorer, and River Monster. WWS also gives environmental awareness presentations at local schools and is a strong supporter of Movement 364.

Interns are invited to join WWS to help plan, deliver, and design outdoor educational programs. Interns will be directly advocating for and supporting conservation efforts and environmental education in Singapore. Much of this internship will involve working with groups outdoors!

Interns with an interest communications/marketing, curriculum development, multimedia, general business, and non-profit management may also contribute to special projects.

Interns at WWS will gain valuable experience in the fields of conservation and stewardship, including:

  • Learning more about how a local environmental NGO and NPO works in Singapore
  • Interact with people from all walks of life, ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens
  • Learn side-by-side with the founder of WWS, Mr. Eugene Heng (who has been running the organization for 20 years)
  • Get outdoors and be directly involved in WWS environment programs

Interns with WWS will work Monday through Friday from approximately 11am – 7pm. Volunteering is the heart and soul of WWS, and interns are expected to support/join weekend volunteer activities at least once per month (minimum of three activities for a single term internship).

Academic Background:

This internship is open to students from all majors. Coursework in conservation, outdoor education, or environmental studies is beneficial.

Skills / Experience:

Interns must be flexible, eager to learn, and love the outdoors.  Prior experience in outdoor education, recreation, conservation, or youth programs is preferred.

Language Requirements:

This is an English language internship.

Other Requirements:

Much of this internship will take place outdoors in hot and humid environments. Interns should be comfortable standing and walking for extended periods. Experience riding bikes or kayaking is preferred.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Global Program Fee: $3,450
  • International Travel: $1,300
  • Visa Fees: $150 (Singapore Work Holiday Pass)
  • Recommended Immunizations: $200

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing: $800-$1,000
  • Food: $450
  • Local Transportation: $115
  • Recreation: $200
  • Personal Expenses: $100

Budgeting Note: Estimated costs are based on typical internship-related costs and a modest standard of living. Each intern’s costs will vary based on lifestyle choices (eating out vs. cooking, taking public transportation vs. taxis) and recreational spending (travelling on days off, hobbies, etc).

Interns are responsible for finding and arranging their own accommodations. Singapore has strict rules regarding short-term rentals for foreigners (less than three months), so interns should plan ahead to arrange suitable accommodations.

This is a new internship opportunity for IE3 Global students as of 2019. Check back in the future for more information from our interns.


Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Fall: April 15
Winter: September 15
Spring: November 15

  • Priority Deadline - January 15
  • Standard Deadline - February 15
  • Basic Requirements

    - Must love the outdoors!
    - Background in conservation, outdoor education, or working with kids
    - Self-motivated with easy-going attitude, able to work with all ages