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Education Internships in South Africa | Cape Town, South Africa

IE3 Global collaborates with VACorps to provide high-quality, personalized internship opportunities for students in a range of professional disciplines in Cape Town, South Africa. Options are available in private enterprise, public organizations, and not-for-profits. Through personal contact and hands-on student engagement, VACorps matches students with an organization where they can learn and make a valuable contribution.

VACorps matches students with internships based on industry interest, professional and academic experience, and regional preference. VACorps has professional opportunities in education in South Africa.

Duration of Internship:

  • 10 – 12 weeks

The following organizations are examples of the organizations you may be placed with through this internship, however, there are many other options as well. All internship sites offer good learning opportunities. If a particular organization interests you, feel free to mention this in your application, but please note that placement with a certain company cannot be guaranteed. Placement decisions are based on the skills and interest of the intern, the needs of the worksite, and position availability.

Participants of this internship will work at understaffed schools and mentor South African youths. You will have the opportunity to utilize your teaching skills to positively influence the lives of children and adolescents. An education internship in Cape Town will expose you to the challenges and opportunities of teaching in a multicultural setting, helping you develop cultural sensitivity and awareness. Participants will be student teaching assistants and work in a classroom under the mentorship of a South African teacher.

Academic Background

  • Interns with a background and experience within their chosen industry are strongly preferred. The quantity and variety of possible placements corresponds with the applicant’s depth of knowledge and demonstrated willingness to practice and learn new skills. Additional requirements may apply and depend on your host site and preferred internship duties.


  • Interns are expected to demonstrate responsibility, professional motivation, flexibility, and effective communication skills. Interns should have relevant coursework or professional experience (paid, intern, or volunteer) in the chosen industry when possible.

Language Requirements 

  • For all internships, English is the language of communication. Interns must be capable of communication at a near-native level in professional settings.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3 Program Fee: $3,450
  • Host Site Fees:  $2,475
  • Housing: $21/day plus one-time fees (ex. $1,970 for 10 weeks).
  • International Travel: $2,000
  • Recommended Immunizations: $400 (dependent on immunization history)

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Food: $520
  • Local Transportation: $315
  • Utilities, Phone, Internet: $75

The Host Site Fee Includes:

  • Personalized placement
  • Airport pick-up/drop off
  • In-country orientation and tour of Cape Town
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Weekly organized social and cultural activities

Interns will be accommodated in private student-oriented housing in the Observatory neighborhood. Interns will have a fully-furnished private room, and shared common areas: living room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities. Houses have 24-hour security. A housekeeper comes at least 2 times a week.

Interns pay a $100 cleaning fee and a $250 refundable housing deposit, directly to the housing company. The $250 deposit will be refunded, if no damage is done to the house.

House Wifi: Interns pay $20.00 per month for wireless internet connection on 2 devices. Internet may not be as reliable or fast as in the U.S.

Other Costs: Other utilities costs are split amongst the housemates.


I gained a great deal of meaningful professional experience, but the most important thing that I took away from my trip was the relationships that I formed while I was there.  I loved the food, the mountains, the beaches, the animals, and the forests, but the people are what I loved the most.  It is great to know that I can go half way across the world to a country where I don’t know anyone and end up making so many great friendships.”

-Ross Druckrey, University of Oregon

My personal growth, while harder to quantify, has been just as astonishing. I always wondered if I could manage in a different culture and I know now that I can. I've also gained a wealth of experiences I can look back on when life gets boring and say, "Wow, I did those things." …the number one thing I've achieved personally is confidence. Confidence in both my work and myself, which will prove priceless in the years following my graduation in the real world trying, when trying to land a job and forge a life for myself.”

-Alex Hoelscher, University of Montana


Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Summer: January 25
Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

-Currently majoring in education or a related field.
-Display a passion for teaching
-Good interpersonal and intercultural communication skills
-Sense of professionalism and strong work ethic