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Cape Town Business, Marketing, and Graphic Design (Virtual) | Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is home to one of the world’s most liberal constitutions and at the very heart-and-soul of this nation’s new Constitution is the defense of every individual’s basic human rights. Apartheid left deep cultural scars in South Africa and the new government is still working to purge society of prejudice, xenophobia, gender inequality, poverty, and racism. Cape Town is home to the South African Parliament and as a result, there are many wonderful NGOs and government organizations based in and around the city that promote the causes of social justice and human rights.

Cultural Engagement: This internship program includes weekly cultural workshops that allow you to learn more about South African culture.

Placement: The Cape Town Business, Marketing and Graphic Design Virtual Internship is an individualized placement where you are placed with an internship site based on your skills and interests, the needs of the worksite, and position availability.


  • FALL: September-November
  • WINTER: January-February
  • SPRING: March-May
  • SUMMER: June-August


  • Flexible. Interns earn between 4-10 credits by working 120-300 hours over the course 4-12 weeks per term.


The following companies are examples of the organizations you may be placed with through this internship, however, there are other options as well. A clearly-written, detailed cover letter and “Individualized Placement Statement,” part of the application process, will enable us to place you in a suitable organization. All internship sites offer good learning opportunities. If a particular organization interests you, feel free to mention this in your application, but please note that placement with a certain company/organization cannot be guaranteed. Placement decisions are based on the skills and interest of the intern, the needs of the worksite, and position availability. Possible sites include:


The Valenture Institute

The Valenture Institute partners with the world’s leading educational institutions to evolve with it means to ‘go’ to school, by transforming physical limitations into digital possibilities. They are committed to leveling the playing field and increasing access for all students through free curriculum offerings, extensive scholarship programs and blended micro schools in underprivileged communities. Interns may work in one of more of the following areas: market research, strategic business development, data engineering, data analysis, digital design, website development, general office admin.


Park Up

An early stages start-up digital parking platform that allows property owners to generate extra income, by renting out parking spots on a monthly or daily basis. Interns may work in one of more of the following areas: market research using design thinking methodologies, data analysis, design sale and marketing strategies, design social media and email marketing campaigns, client engagement, competitor analysis, general office admin.


Wazoogles Superfood

Wazoogles’ mission is to spread love and passion for health by providing and promoting products that help people embrace a more wholefood focused lifestyle. Sourcing from the smallest and most ethical farms around the globe, from 14,000ft on the peaks on the Andes Mountains in Peru to the tropical Amazon rainforest, their products are some of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet. This growing brand is exploring expansion into multiple global markets. Interns may work in one of more of the following areas: strategic business development, strategic planning, graphic design, marketing and advertising, international supply chain management, general office admin.


Butter Knife

Butter Knife is a boutique public relations agency and works to create personalized campaigns, to deliver valuable results to their consumer lifestyle brand clients. Interns are given the opportunity to be exposed to numerous clients and work closely with the team, across all aspects of a PR campaign. The growth opportunities are invaluable and the team invests time to train and assist new interns that join the agency. Interns will join one of the project teams and daily task could fall into one or more of the following areas: research, assisting with brand reports, attending brainstorm sessions with the team, potential client site visits and meetings, contributing to creative PR ideas for the client, putting together target market media lists, making a few media calls, assisting with putting together press packs and influencer gifts, researching influencers and assisting with influencer marketing, graphic design projects, marketing/advertising.

Job responsibilities will vary depending on placement. In your application, use your "Individualized Placement Statement" to outline any specific skills that you would like to learn or apply in your internship. Depending on the internship site, projects areas could include:

  • General Office Admin
  • Project Planning
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Client Engagement
  • Event Planning
  • Branding
  • Market Research
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Research


  • All interns are expected to have an open mind and willingness to work and interact with marginalized populations.
  • Experience completing collaborative academic or professional work remotely
  • Previous academic and/or professional experience relevant to the internship position of choice is preferred.
  • Professional and timely communication
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Adaptability and patience


  • Interns must be capable of communication at a near-native level of English in professional settings.

The program fee factors in the total number of work hours, the duration of the internship and the number of academic credits. During the application review phase, your Program Coordinator will provide you with an estimated program budget, based on your specific circumstances and internship program. See examples of estimatedprogram fees below.

Quarter Schools:

1 undergrad academic credit = 30 total work hours

  • 4 credit internship (120 work hours):    $1,272
  • 5 credit internship (150 work hours):    $1,590
  • 6 credit internship (180 work hours):    $1,908
  • 7 credit internship (210 work hours):    $2,226
  • 8 credit internship (240 work hours):    $2,544
  • 9 credit internship (270 work hours):    $2,862
  • 10 credit internship (300 work hours):  $3,180

Semester Schools:

1 undergrad academic credit = 45 total work hours

  • 3 credit internship (135 work hours):    $1,431
  • 4 credit internship (180 work hours):    $1,908
  • 5 credit internship (225 work hours):    $2,226
  • 6 credit internship (270 work hours):    $2,862
  • 7 credit internship (315 work hours):    $3,180
  • 8 credit internship (360 work hours):    $3,816


  • Internship sites vary in their availability of work hours per week. Most internships can offer between 10-20 hours per weekand most students prefer to stay within this range of hours.
  • For internships that fall in between the academic credits/work hours model outlined above, the cost will default to the next highest program fee. For example, for a quarter school, an internship totaling 135 work hours will default to the higher cost of a 150 hour internship, $1,590.

This is a new internship. Yours could be the first quote here, discussing all that you learned and enjoyed about your virtual internship.


Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Summer: January 25
Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

- See Qualifications & Requirements Tab below