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Business, Fashion & Personalized Internships in Australia (Virtual) | Sydney, Australia

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IE3 Global collaborates with Internships Down Under (IDU) to provide high-quality, personalized virtual internship opportunities for students in a range of professional disciplines in Australia. Options are available in private enterprise, public organizations, and not-for-profits based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth. Through personal contact and hands-on student engagement, IDU matches students with an organization where they can learn and make a valuable contribution.

IDU matches students with internships based on industry interest, professional and academic experience, and regional preference. IDU has professional opportunities in a variety of industries including marketing, finance, public relations, IT, tourism and hospitality, fashion, and communications.


Flexible start dates at the beginning of each academic term.


Interns earn between 4-10 credits by working 120-300 hours over the course 4-12 weeks per term.

Internships Down Under (IDU) facilitates personalized internships for students throughout Australia in a wide variety of fields. Centrally located in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, IDU delivers professional and efficient service. A virtual internship with a host site based in Australia provides students with the opportunity to gain practical training and experience in their requested field and in an English language environment. Internships Down Under is an active member of the Australian Internship Industry Association (AIIA). Through this professional association, IDU stays updated on changes in the industry and internship best practices, which enables the organization to provide top quality and innovative internships.

Internships Down Under (IDU) conducts a thorough interview process to ensure a successful match between you and your internship placement. IDU maintains a varied portfolio of internships including:

Marketing & Communication – print, radio, TV, online, and social media in a variety of industries (fashion, sports, event, tourism, retail, online, social media, international)

Tourism/Leisure & Hospitality – inbound/outbound, backpackers, attractions, online, front desk, HR, guest services

Business – administration, finance, accounting, insurance, legal, public relations, human resources, logistics, event management

Media – arts, audio, film, visual, online

Information Technology (IT) & Graphic/Web Design – software development, mobile applications, SEO, graphic design, web design and development

Academic Background

  • All majors may apply. Interns with a background and experience within their chosen industry are preferred. Additional requirements may apply and depend on your desired internship field.


  • Interns are expected to demonstrate responsibility, professional motivation, flexibility, and effective communication skills. Interns should have relevant coursework or professional experience (paid, intern, or volunteer) in the chosen industry when possible.

Language Requirements

  • For all internships, English is the language of communication. Interns must be capable of communication at a near-native level in professional settings.

The program fee factors in the total number of work hours, the duration of the internship and the number of academic credits. During the application review phase, your Program Coordinator will provide you with an estimated program budget, based on your specific circumstances and internship program. See examples of estimated program fees below.

Quarter Schools

1 undergrad academic credit = 30 total work hours

  • 4 credit internship (120 work hours):    $1,272
  • 5 credit internship (150 work hours):    $1,590
  • 6 credit internship (180 work hours):    $1,908
  • 7 credit internship (210 work hours):    $2,226
  • 8 credit internship (240 work hours):    $2,544
  • 9 credit internship (270 work hours):    $2,862
  • 10 credit internship (300 work hours):  $3,180

Semester Schools

1 undergrad academic credit = 45 total work hours

  • 3 credit internship (135 work hours):    $1,431
  • 4 credit internship (180 work hours):    $1,908
  • 5 credit internship (225 work hours):    $2,226
  • 6 credit internship (270 work hours):    $2,862
  • 7 credit internship (315 work hours):    $3,180
  • 8 credit internship (360 work hours):    $3,816


  • Internship sites vary in their availability of work hours per week. Most internships can offer between 10-20 hours per week and most students prefer to stay within this range of hours.
  • For internships that falls in between the academic credits/work hours model outlined above, the cost will default to the next highest program fee. For example, for a quarter school, an internship totaling 135 work hours will default to the higher cost of a 150 hour internship, $1,590.

Learn more about Megan’s virtual internship experience with a Travel and Hospitality Company.


Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Fall: April 15
Winter: September 15
Spring: November 15

  • Priority Deadline - January 15
  • Standard Deadline - February 15
  • Basic Requirements

    - Open to all majors; relevant experience in chosen industry preferred (coursework, volunteer work, and professional work experience)
    - Sense of professionalism and strong work ethic