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Business, Marketing & Communications Internships in Vietnam | Vietnam

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IE3 Global collaborates with ABROADER to provide high-quality, personalized internship opportunities for students in a range of professional disciplines in Vietnam. Options are available in private enterprise, public organizations, and not-for-profits primarily in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Through personal contact and hands-on student engagement, ABROADER matches students with an organization where they can learn and make a valuable contribution.

ABROADER matches students with internships based on industry interest, professional and academic experience, and regional preference. ABROADER has professional opportunities in accounting, brand marketing, business development, business technology analysis, market research, communications, and public relations.

Appropriate internship opportunities are identified based on students’ interests and skills, and ABROADER works to provide a high level of support for successful applicants. Interns will gain first-hand knowledge about Vietnam and its distinctive role in regional and global affairs.

ABROADER has been developing a network of companies and organizations across Vietnam in order to provide internships to international students interested in agriculture, business, finance, consulting, education, engineering, hospitality, law, medicine, and more. ABROADER works with each student to determine an individualized placement that meets each student’s professional and academic interests and skills. Interns with ABROADER are assigned to a local “buddy” who can provide support and help with the integration into Vietnam. ABROADER strongly encourages students to immerse themselves in local life via activities, city exploration, excursions, and community service. Most internships are based in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Other locations may be possible, if requested.

Vietnam’s strategic location in SE Asia and as a transport hub between the Pacific and Indian oceans has helped it to increasingly attract international investments and business, but local human resource law and legislature has struggled to meet industry demand. Internships within firms in Vietnam will provide students with a first-hand look at market research, marketing and sales, human resources, public relations, finance, accounting, auditing, law, banking, and real estate.

Review sample Business, Marketing, and Accounting Internships on Abroader’s website.

*ABROADER and IE3 Global have an agreement that requires applicants to initiate their application with IE3 Global, not through ABROADER’s website.

Academic Background

  • Interns with a background and experience within their chosen industry are strongly preferred. The quantity and variety of possible placements corresponds with the applicant’s depth of knowledge and demonstrated willingness to practice and learn new skills. Additional requirements may apply and depend on your host site and preferred internship duties.


  • Interns are expected to demonstrate responsibility, professional motivation, flexibility, and effective communication skills. Interns should have relevant coursework or professional experience (paid, intern, or volunteer) in the chosen industry when possible.

Language Requirements 

  • For all internships, English is the language of communication. Interns must be capable of communication at a near-native level in professional settings.
  • Knowledge of Vietnamese is helpful and appreciated, but not required.

Visa Requirements

  • U.S. citizens will apply online for an E-visa on the Vietnam Immigration website. The E-visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days, single or multiple entry, and does not allow for renewal or extension from within the country. More information and support will be provided to applicants upon acceptance.

Estimated One-Time Expenses

  • IE3Global Program Fee: $3,450
  • Host Site Fees (see details below):
    • 10 Weeks (With Housing) $4,141
    • 10 Weeks (Without Housing) $2,128
  • International Travel: $1,800
  • Recommended Immunizations: $400
  • Visa fees: $150

Estimated Monthly Expenses

  • Housing (if not included): $350-450
  • Food: $500
  • Local Transportation: $150
  • Utilities, Phone, Internet: $150

Host Site Fee Details

The host site fee from ABROADER includes:

    • Internship consulting, placement and management.
    • E-visa application and stamping fee (50 USD)
    • Pre-departure guide
    • Airport transfer
    • City tour
    • Accommodation vesting
    • Serviced apartment/Home-stay renting fee (on request)
    • Electricity at accommodation (150 USD/month)
    • One day Halong bay tour (Hanoi), OR Mekong delta tour (HCMC)
    • Final evaluation
    • Local SIM card
    • Local immersion activities
    • Welcome and Farewell meals
    • 24//7 support

Host/Partner Housing

Most interns have the option of staying in a homestay, dormitory (shared), or shared room. Some sites may provide on-site accommodation (tourism/hospitality sites). Single rooms may be possible for an additional cost.

Independent Housing

Interns may arrange their own housing if they do not choose host/partner housing.


“In one paragraph I would say that interning in Hanoi was one of the best choices I could have made. The professional experiences were not anything like I imagined. There were times I was not working on anything and still had to come sit in the office for nine hours a day, but then there were days I had 30 minute deadlines and massive trainings to research. I was also exposed to another culture in the hardest way possible with full immersion. I also grew as an adult in my short time here; how to balance a budget for the month, paying for all of my own bills, having to cook at late at night when all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Living in Vietnam was certainly a challenge and there were times I wanted to throw the towel in and go home, but this was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It was not at all what I thought it was going to be, but it was everything what I needed to experience.

-Maile, Oregon State University

“My biggest professional reward has been my ability to learn new approaches when working with clients from a SE Asian perspective. The way that human service workers approach issues in the U.S. is very different than the way that we approach it in my host organization. I have had to think critically about the most effective interventions and adapt past models to fit with this new culture. I think that being able to critically analyze situations and problem solve creatively, will greatly help me in my professional future. I have also had a lot of interesting experiences trying to travel outside of the city. You honestly never really know how the experience is going to be, but Viet Nam never disappoints with interesting experiences, even if methods seem a little crazy to you.”

- Haley, University of Oregon


Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Application Deadline

Summer: January 25
Fall: April 15
Winter: September 1
Spring: November 15

Basic Requirements

- Open to all majors; relevant experience in chosen industry preferred (coursework, volunteer work, and professional work experience)
- Sense of professionalism and strong work ethic
- Interns must arrive on the first or third Thursday of any given month, and internships start on the following Monday.