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Financial FAQs


Your financial aid can be used to help cover the costs of a study abroad or internship program in most cases. Additionally, there are scholarships for students who plan to study or intern abroad. Your advisor in the international office on your campus will be an excellent resource in explaining how financial aid can be used for study abroad and internship programs.  Ask them about scholarships that your home campus offers through their office or academic departments. They can also point you towards scholarship opportunities both locally and nationally.


While an IE3 Global program is very affordable compared to other international education options, students can alleviate the cost further by applying for additional funding in the form of grants and scholarships. Options include:

The IE3 Global Scholarship

The IE3 Global Scholarship is presented to highly-qualified applicants to IE3 Global study abroad and internship programs who have financial need. This scholarship is in the form of a $500 – $1500 program fee reduction. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have a complete application for an IE3 Global program, as well as a scholarship application. To apply, click on the “IE3 Global Scholarship” Learning Content in your IE3 Global study abroad or internship application.

Award Eligibility

The IE3 Global Scholarship is available to currently enrolled degree-seeking students at most of our partner universities in the United States, who have completed an outbound IE3 Global study abroad or internship application.

Award Criteria

Student applicants will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Application Deadlines

Scholarship deadlines (Late applications are not considered.):

Late applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified of the scholarship committee’s decision approximately 4-6 weeks after the deadline has passed.

National Scholarship Opportunities

Benjamin Franklin Travel Grant – A French government scholarship available to students double-majoring in French and a non-humanities major to help defray travel costs to France. Scholarship information available here.

Boren Awards for International Study – Information on scholarships for study in less-traditional regions critical to U.S. national security. Scholarship information available here.

Bridging Scholarship – U.S. citizen or permanent resident; enrolled at U.S. college or university; studying abroad in Japan. Scholarship information available here.

Critical Language Scholarship – Restricted to programs in the following languages: Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian, Bangla, Azerbaijani, Punjabi, Korean, Swahili, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese. Scholarship information available here.

Freeman Asia Scholarships – Offers scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia. Scholarship information available here.

FulbrightScholarships – Fulbright student programs are for graduating seniors, graduate students, and alumni. Scholarship information available here.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Scholarship information for students planning to study in Germany. Scholarship information available here.

Gilman Scholarships – Provides assistance for undergraduates who receive a Pell grant for study abroad and international internships.  Includes a new funding opportunity for dependents of active duty service members, the Gilman-McCain Scholarship . Scholarship information available here.


Fundraising will help to make your trip more affordable and serves as a way to educate the public. If you select a program that helps achieve your long-term goals, it will be easier to solicit funds from external sources. Keep in mind that local, regional and national groups, as well as individuals, are all possible contributors. They include: