Academic Credit


Academic credit for an IE3 internship is provided by a professor on your home campus.

To receive academic credit you must:

  • Be enrolled as a student during your internship
  • Make arrangements to earn credit with a faculty member
  • Complete all registration documents required by the office of international programs on your campus.

The amount and type of credit you receive will depend on your goals, major, and graduation requirements. As a general guideline, internships earn one (academic quarter) credit for every 30 hours you work. Reporting requirements in the past have ranged from weekly journals to summary reports and class presentations. IE3 provides a handbook with recommended journal questions that you can use with your professor to arrange a report.


Study Abroad:

You will be considered a regularly enrolled student at your home university while you are participating on a study abroad program. In order for the courses that you take overseas to be recorded on your home university academic record (transcript), your International Programs/Study Abroad office establishes a course equivalency for the courses you take overseas. Most institutions have list of courses that have previously been taken by students at a particular site. For courses that do not already have an establish equivalency, you will be asked to provide course information so that an equivalency can be approved. The course equivalency process can take one to two terms to complete. You should plan to graduate at least one term after you return to your home university; e.g., at the end of summer term if you return after spring term.