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University of Oregon | Eugene, OR, USA

University of Oregon (UO): International education has been a tradition at the University of Oregon since our founding in 1876. Some say that Eugene offers all the cultural benefits of a large city with the friendly feel of a small town: lots of bookstores, plenty of great restaurants, cabarets, coffee shops, and concert halls. It’s a place where you’re just as likely to hit the town in Birkenstocks as you are in evening wear. Nestled halfway between the snow caps of the Cascade mountain range and the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, our location is a big part of people love about Eugene. The natural environment is idyllic, with daffodils in January, tree-sized rhododendrons which bloom in May, and lush green foliage year-round.

UO Academic Programs:
 Undergraduate / Graduate

This program is ONLY open to international students who are currently a registered student at one of our partner institutions and have been nominated by their home institution to participate in the IE3 Global reciprocal exchange program. All applications should be sent with the endorsement of your home institution. Any applications sent independently will not be considered. Exchange students will be admitted as non-degree students which permits students to enroll in graduate or undergraduate courses of their choice (but without a level, i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

Academic years consist of three terms:

  • Fall: September – December
  • Winter: January – March
  • Spring: April – June

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