This information is provided to explain the IE3 billing process ONLY.  To understand the cost of your program, please review your internship cost sheet (provided by your regional director) and direct any questions about your financial aid to the financial aid office on your home campus.

An Overview

The IE3 Global Internship program will charge your school the “Amount due to IE3 listed on your cost sheet. The amount due to IE3 includes the IE3 program fee, and any additional host organization charges listed on your cost sheet.  Your home campus will then charge you this amount by placing it on your school’s billing system.  Students registered for more than one term will be charged the program fee listed on your cost sheet for subsequent terms.
Account Policies
Please check with your school to inquire about student billing policies regarding payment due dates.

Financial Aid

If you intend to use your financial aid to pay for the program fee, you must make all the necessary arrangements before you leave the country.  In many cases, the financial aid funds will not be released until after your internship (or the new term) begins.  Since you will begin incurring the costs of all your living expenses once you arrive in the country, it is important to plan ahead.

You should contact your Financial Aid Office immediately to inquire about making appropriate plans.  You or your Campus Advisor will need to provide the FAO with a copy of your internship cost sheet, please contact your FAQ to begin this process.

IE3 Refund Terms and Conditions

 The following are the IE3 refund terms and conditions to which all IE3 interns have agreed by signing the Participation Agreement. Additional information regarding these terms was also provided in the Learning Agreement included in the IE3 Application. If you should have any further questions regarding these policies, please contact your Regional Director.
I agree to the following IE3 Program Fee refund terms and conditions:

  • If I withdraw from the internship program after signing the participation agreement but before the official start date of my internship as shown on the program cost sheet, I will be responsible for 50% of the program fee.
  • If I withdraw from the internship program on or after the official internship start date as shown on the program cost sheet, I will be responsible for 100% of the first term’s program fee.
  • If I withdraw due to a medical or financial emergency, IE3 reserves the right to request documentation of the emergency or hardship on a case by case basis.
  • If my appointment covers multiple terms and I decide not to complete one or more of the subsequent terms, I must notify IE3 in writing at least 30 days prior to the start of that term.  I will then be billed for 50% of the charges due for subsequent term(s).   I will be billed 100% of the subsequent term’s fees if notification of withdrawal is less than 30 days prior to the start of the additional term.
  • I will notify IE3 Global Internships in writing of my decision to withdraw from the program.
  • I understand that additional refund terms and conditions apply to some IE3 sites, and that individual position descriptions on the website include this information in the internship costs section.  It is my responsibility to understand all costs to which I am committing myself.
  • I am aware that if I withdraw after placement, costs already paid by IE3 on my behalf may not be subject to refund.  I understand that I will be responsible for bearing those costs, and that they will be added to my bill.
  • All refund payments by OSU shall be made payable directly to SU. Any difference still owed to IE3 will be paid by SU and those costs may be collected from the student by SU in accordance with SU policy and procedures.