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Students have multiple opportunities to study in Querétaro, Mexico, a top study abroad destination since 1986. Students may choose a 14-week semester Mexican Studies Program in fall, or one of the three different Summer Session options for 5, 6 or 11-weeks. As neighboring North American countries Mexico and the United States share a long history and an ever evolving relationship. Mexico, one of the US’s largest trading partners, is a fascinating and culturally rich country undergoing significant changes in the 21st century. Characterized by an unusual blend of ancient cultures and contemporary society, Mexico invites closer examination. Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its safety, central location and economic stability is an ideal city to experience Mexico and get to know its people.


  • Located in the heart of colonial Mexico, off the tourist path, the Querétaro program is designed for rapid language advancement integrated with significant cultural immersion.
  • Students may earn up to 24 credits (fall semester), and in summer sessions up to 12 credits in a 5 or 6- week session and up to 24 credits in the 11-week session. Classes are small and taught in Spanish by experienced Mexican faculty. When offered, an ESOL class in the 5-week session is taught in English.
  • Individual placement with a carefully selected home-stay family
  • Whether on a class excursion to historical sites, traditional markets, local landmarks or on a program field trip to a different region, students have multiple opportunities to learn through direct engagement with Mexican people, history and culture.



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