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More photos from this program can be found here.

More photos from this program can be found here.

The IE3 Global exchange program at Aoyama Gakuin University, located in the famous downtown Tokyo district of Shibuya, provides students with exceptional opportunities to integrate into life at a Japanese University. Students at AGU intensively study Japanese while also participating in a range of subject-based coursework taught in English. For students who are highly proficient, courses taught in Japanese are also available. Program participants typically live in student dormitories alongside students from a number of Japanese universities and commute to campus.

Students also have the option of studying at AGU’s second campus in the quieter Tokyo suburb of Sagamihara through the School of Global Studies and Collaboration, which includes courses in Japanese culture, history, regional development, geography, and other topics; students at the Sagamihara campus can also enroll in introductory Japanese language coursework. The Sagamihara campus is about located about 45 minutes from central Tokyo by train.

Program Duration:

  • Fall/Winter: early September – early February
  • Fall/Winter/Spring: early September – early August
  • Spring: late March – early August
  • Spring/Fall/Winter: late March – early February



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