Baden-Württemberg Exchange | Germany

More photos from this program can be found here.

More photos from this program can be found here.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Baden Württemberg Exchange. Since 1968, the state of Oregon and the state of Baden-Württemberg have given students the opportunity to live and study in one of Germany’s most prosperous and scenic regions.

Located in the southwest corner of Germany, Baden-Württemberg is home to some of the oldest, most renowned and prestigious universities in Germany.

  • Encompassing fifteen different universities, the Baden-Württemberg program offers a wide variety of disciplines and courses for students of all majors.
  • Students can take German language/culture courses and/or regular courses in almost any field of study.
  • An experienced full-time Resident Director provides on-site support to students.
  • Every student on the exchange program is eligible for a generous monthly stipend provided by the education ministry of Baden-Württemberg.
  • Baden-Württemberg borders Switzerland and France, and is a great starting point for traveling in Europe.

Program Duration:

  • Fall (Mannheim only): early August – late December
  • Fall/Winter: late August – mid February
  • Spring: early April – late July
  • Spring (Ludwigsburg, Kontanz, Tuebingen, and Heidelberg only): April-late July
  • Fall/Winter/Spring: late August – late July



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