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More photos from this program can be found here.

More photos from this program can be found here.

Located in north central England, Sheffield is England’s fourth largest city with a population of about 551,000. Sheffield is a city with character, blending elegant Victorian architecture with modern activities. The area is bursting with venues for experiencing culture and entertainment, including theatres, museums, galleries, pubs & clubs, music and world-class sports facilities. Most attractions are within walking distance of each other, making it a great destination for visiting students.

Sheffield is home to more than 250 parks, woodlands, and gardens for visitors to enjoy. One of the most spectacular areas of natural beauty in the UK is just minutes away by bus or train; The Peak District National Park covers 555 square miles of unspoiled countryside. It is a great place to hike, rock climb, or just enjoy the scenery. 

The city has a tradition of producing great music and it is alive with sounds of already popular musical groups and up and coming new bands. The Showroom is the second-largest independent cinema in the UK and is a center for Sheffield’s serious film fans. Major film festivals are held there every year. 

The University of Sheffield was founded in 1905 and is considered one of the best universities in the UK. Sheffield is located in northern England, in South Yorkshire, and is close to Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, and the Peak District.

  • Founded in 1905, the University of Sheffield is one of the UK’s best universities with a global reputation as an international leader in teaching and research.
  • In 2014-2015 Sheffield was voted #1 for student experience in the UK by the Times Higher Student Experience Survey.
  • Distinguished staff and alumni include five Nobel prizewinners.
  • Sheffield was named England’s first “National City of Sport” and has Europe’s largest artificial ski-slope resort.
  • Sheffield has the lowest cost of living for students in the UK, of 26 university towns and cities surveyed by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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  • Fall/Winter: late September – early February
  • Fall/Winter/Spring: late September – mid June
  • Winter/Spring: early February – mid June



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