Health & Safety

If you are Abroad and Require Immediate Assistance

1.  Contact AXA

+1 (312) 935-1711 (Collect from outside the United States)
+1 (855) 327-1455 (Toll-free within the United States)

Use Policy Number: SRPO-50416-405

2. Contact (or have someone contact) IE3 Global

Main Office (during office hours): +1 (541) 737-3006

Oregon State University Office of Public Safety (after hours or on weekends): +1 (541) 737-7000

Health & Safety Information

Many students and their families have concerns about safety abroad, particularly in today’s world. Whether traveling abroad as a tourist, student or intern, you will likely be entering an unfamiliar environment and, as with most other things in life, studying abroad does involve the possibility of risk. As a participant in an IE3 Global program, you have the advantage of a program infrastructure and/or individuals on-site to orient you to local safety issues and to support you in the event of a security or safety emergency. You will also be encouraged to take personal responsibility for your own safety and security. IE3 Global cannot guarantee your safety and security but does make every reasonable effort to assure a safe environment while you are overseas and takes commonsense measures to alert students to concerns and manage emergency situations should they arise.

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