The Trailblazer Foundation | Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Be a part of a sustainable development organization working in northwestern Cambodia. The Trailblazer Foundation works to improve health, food security, education, and economic development in rural Cambodia in ways that are self-sustaining by the individuals and communities served. The organization works on projects related to clean water, agriculture, and provides technical training to villages around the town of Siem Reap. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about grassroots, non-profit program management. Interns will have an opportunity to support extraordinary community-based projects while experiencing Cambodia’s rich culture and complex history. Located about 15 miles from Angkor Wat, interns will be well-placed to explore the ruins of one of the greatest human creations in history. In the role as intern you will assist The Trailblazer Foundation in its mission to build local capacity to alleviate the poverty and hardship that remains from the devastation of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

There are four internship positions available, each requiring different skill sets: General Program Assistant, Agricultural Assistant, Data Analyst, and Finance Assistant. It is possible for four interns to be placed at The Trailblazer Foundation concurrently.

IE3 Global – Austin King from IE3 Global on Vimeo.

Hear U.S. Army veteran Austin King describe his experience as an IE3 Global Intern at the Trailblazer Foundation in Cambodia.

Duration of Internship:

  • 10-24 weeks. Minimum of 12 weeks preferred

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