Center for Social Medicine | Loni (Maharashtra), India

Center for Social Medicine

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The Center for Social Medicine is based at the Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University) in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Together with the support of the university, the hospital provides innovative rural health services to a wide range of beneficiaries. Interns have the opportunity to study the challenges faced in rural India from a systemic and clinical view and are able to tailor their program according to their background and interests. Interns will shadow doctors and nurses in the hospital, tour mobile and e-clinics, engage in trainings for women’s empowerment initiatives, HIV/AIDS prevention programs, and study health in tribal communities.

Using sound training and development principles, this internship meets the learning goals for students interested in public health, pre-med, nursing, dentistry, community health education, rural development, and more.

Duration of Internship:

  • 10 weeks

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