Costa Rica

Tropical Wildlife Husbandry & Rehabilitation | Heredia, Costa Rica

More photos from this internship can be found here.

There are two internship tracks at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica: Short-term (10-12 weeks) and long-term (6-12 months).

Short-Term (10 – 12 week) Interns will work with staff to complete the daily feeding, cleaning and care of the 150+ animals living at the Ranch. This wildlife includes sloths, toucans, macaws, owls, monkeys, and various other local creatures.

At TRR, short-term interns will practice and learn the following skills:

  • Working as part of a team to complete complex daily feedings
  • Observation of animals and identification of abnormal behavior
  • Understanding of what is involved in caring for wildlife

Long-Term (6 – 12 month) Wildlife Care Interns will support more complex and specialized daily care and rehabilitation activities at the Ranch, with a focus on animals in the clinic and orphans. Interns will have an opportunity to feed (including diet monitoring/improvement), clean and medicate clinic animals as well as assisting in weekly rounds with the Ranch’s veterinarian.

In addition to the skills listed under short-term internships, Wildlife Care Interns will also practice and learn the following:

  • Dietary research
  • Identification of species and illnesses

Internship Start Dates:

  • Fall: September 24 – December 3, 2016
  • Winter: January 7 – March 18, 2017
  • Spring: March 25 – June 3, 2017
  • Summer: July 1 – September 9, 2017

Duration of Internship:

  • 10 weeks – 1 year

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