This information is provided to explain the IE3  Global billing process ONLY. To understand the cost of your program, please review your cost sheet or budget provided by IE3 and direct any questions about your financial aid to the financial aid office on your home campus.


Since the administrative office for the IE3 Global program is located on the Oregon State University (OSU) campus, the charge for your will be placed on the OSU student billing system. You will be charged the “Amount due to IE3 listed on your cost sheet. This includes the IE3 program fee and any additional charges listed on your cost sheet, less the deposit that you paid. Students registered for more than one term will be charged for subsequent terms as outlined on your cost sheet.

The OSU bill will be mailed around the first week of the month for the months listed below to the billing address provided in the online application.

Your bill will be due on the following dates depending on what term you participate in an IE3 Global program:

Summer Term:            July 31st

Fall Term:                    October 31st

Winter Term:              January 31st

Spring Term:               April 30th


How to Pay

You may pay the OSU bill with a credit card by calling the OSU Student Accounts Office at (541) 737-3775. Tell whoever you reach that you are a UO student on an international program billed through OSU and that Pam Roberts told you to call this number because you want to pay your bill with a credit card. You will be asked for your OSU account number (the 93x-xxx-xxx number on your OSU billing statement), so have that handy when you call.

You can also mail a payment with the billing statement to the following address (please include your OSU account number on the check):

OSU Business Office

PO Box 1086

Corvallis, OR 97339


Account Policies

These are the policies regarding the IE3 Global bill through OSU:

1)      Any unpaid balance still on your account after the due date will be assessed a 1% interest charge each month.

2)      You may pay your bill in monthly installments if you wish. Just be aware that you will be charged interest and that each term’s installment should be paid in full before the next term’s installment is due (if you are registered for more than one term).

3)      Due to Federal privacy regulations, the OSU Business Office cannot discuss your account with anyone but you. However, there is a section in the Release of Information questionnaire you completed in the on-line application process where you can authorize International Programs to discuss your account with whomever you list. Please be sure to complete this section, and list the names of your billing contacts. Also, please communicate this information to your bill payer. Have them contact Pam Roberts ( or (541) 737-6466) if they have a question about your bill.

Financial Aid

If you intend to use your financial aid to pay for the program fee, you must make all the necessary arrangements before you leave the country. In many cases, the financial aid funds will not be released until after your IE3 Global program begins, or the beginning of the new term begins if you're planning to do a multiple term program. Since you will begin incurring the costs of all your living expenses once you arrive in the country, it is important to plan ahead.